Third stimulus bill could be passed as soon as February

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — President-elect Joe Biden has not taken office yet, but it is clear he is pushing for a third stimulus package; one that would give more money to Americans struggling.

COVID-19 is Biden’s first priority, but getting more stimulus money is high on his agenda. 

Politician Scott Howell told ABC 4 one of the first things Biden wants to do is ask Congress for at least a trillion dollars in economic relief. 

Utah natives Luke Dahl and Ann Cardon don’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to the possibility of more money in their pockets and the pockets of millions of Americans.

“I know that no amount of money is ever enough,” said Ann Cardon.

“I think if you need more money you can just go work for it,” said Luke Dahl.

Both told ABC 4 they aren’t struggling, but do have a use for additional stimulus money.

“For me I know I am in a special place and I am grateful, but I know people are very struggling so I see it,” said Cardon.

“I’d honestly rather the money that is given to me go that way,” said Dahl “I don’t need it right now. It’s just helpful, I guess.”

Even with previous stimulus aid, $1,200 the first time and $600 the second time, eight million Americans have fallen into poverty during the coronavirus pandemic. This according to

The poverty rate has fluctuated, but the most recent data shows it has grown 2.4 percent from May of 2020 to November 2020. 

“They truly believe we are on life support,” said Howell.

According to the economic policy institute, “In order to stop the economic bleeding caused by the coronavirus pandemic and build a strong recovery, this country needs roughly $3 trillion in relief.”

Howell is a former member of the Utah state senate and he said relief should be coming soon.

“I think you can see that February timeframe and I think that be very realistic toward the end of February,” said Howell.

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