State official says COVID-19 test ‘samples were never lost or misplaced’

Coronavirus Updates

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – Two Utah National Guard troops were tested for COVID-19 when they got back from an assignment in Washington D.C.

The Utah National Guard was sent to Washington DC during the protests.

An allegation was made that the COVID-19 tests were lost or misplaced.

The Director of Communications Tom Hudachko told ABC4 News in an email:

The state has been utilizing Utah National Guard troops to conduct targeted, mobile testing for several weeks. These troops primarily collect samples at long-term care facilities and in other settings or geographic areas that are experiencing localized outbreaks – but have also collected samples from groups like the Guard troops who were returning from DC.

Last week the Guard collected more samples than our laboratory had capacity to process. This happens occasionally, and when it does we look to our laboratory partners to test our excess capacity. Last week we sent several hundred samples to TestUtah for processing, including some samples from the returning troops.

These samples were never lost or misplaced, however it may not have been immediately apparent to an individual patient where their sample had been sent for testing and who would relay the results of their test. These samples, along with others, were forwarded to TestUtah for processing and we have no reason to question the validity of the test results.

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