UPDATE June 23rd: The DMV office in South Salt Lake will open June 24th.

“The office has been deep cleaned, sterilized and no other employees have received positive tests” reported Monte Roberts, Division Director.

SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC4 News) – According to officials with the Division of Motor Vehicle, DMV, the office located at 2880 South 380 West, in South Salt Lake will be closed until further notice.

Officials say the closure was made after an employee tested positive for COVID-19 over the weekend. The employee did not have contact with the public but did have contact with other office employees, officials add.

The office will be cleaned and sterilized and employees must be cleared prior to opening the office to the public.

“This is frustrating for customers and employees but unavoidable given the situation,” said Monte Roberts, the Motor Vehicle Division Director. “All customer appointments scheduled at this office will be cancelled. Those customers that have scheduled appointments are encouraged to schedule an appointment at other offices until the office is reopened.”

The DMV will not process new title and registration transactions in any office drive-through. “We are also returning to the original intent for the drive-through service. New title and registration transactions require a longer time to process and create long wait times in the drive-through. These transactions will be serviced by-appointment-only at an office, and will not be processed at a drive-through,” Roberts added.

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DMV operations will continue to be adjusted. Officials say precautions will continue to be made to limit person-to-person contact and limit the size of public gatherings while continuing to provide necessary services.