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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) — The Salt Lake County Health Department is getting national recognition for its COVID-19 contact tracing efforts.  Salt Lake County has more than 1,600 cases of COVID-19. The county health department employees believe they were able to find the source of infection for 85 percent of the cases. 

“I was calling about the COVID results,” said Salt Lake County Health Department Nurse Lee Cherie Booth to a COVID-19 patient.

Salt Lake County Health Department Nurse Lee Cherie Booth

Within 24 hours, 130 people like Booth contact trace COVID-19 patient’s last 48 hours. 

“It’s kind of detailed as far as going through the days, and trying to get a list of contacts that they may have potentially exposed,” she tells ABC4 News. “The faster we can contact these people and educate them to either isolate or quarantine, that’s going to help decrease the spread of this infection.”

The contact tracers ask things like what day you started showing symptoms, did you have a fever, muscle aches, chills, congestion, headache, or shortness of breath?

Salt Lake County Health Department Contact Tracing

Booth says most people expect the call and some are afraid to go back into public after they learn they’ve been exposed to the virus. 

“At the beginning it was, people were wondering what was going on,” she said. “But now they have more questions of can I get this again?”

When looking at her investigations Booth says people should keep up social distancing efforts.

“I’ve noticed most of mine are smaller. So it’s a friend at work, a co-worker had it, or my neighbor had it and we talked at the mailbox or something like that, or they invited them over for dinner,” said Booth. 

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