SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Utah Senate President J. Stuart Adams and other state senators learned that Sen. Luz Escamilla tested positive for COVID-19 Sunday night.

The Capitol closed to the public following the general session, and all legislative offices began teleworking to prevent the spread of the virus. Capitol facilities and the entire Capitol complex were thoroughly disinfected, and daily cleaning is ongoing.

Pres. Adams stated the following in response to the situation:

“Tonight, I was informed Sen. Escamilla tested positive with COVID-19. My thoughts and prayers for a complete, speedy recovery are with Sen. Escamilla. I commend her and her family for self-quarantining and taking precautions to avoid spreading the virus.

Senator Escamilla issued in a statement that went out on Sunday that, as a person with asthma, the diagnosis is scary. However, she said she is aware of those in vulnerable populations at this time.

“Although I am pretty sick right now, I am continuing to work to ensure that Utah’s most vulnerable communities are not overlooked during this crisis. Thousands of Utahns are out-of-work through no fault of their own, and our state must take immediate steps to remove the threat of evictions and fees in the event that people are unable to pay rent. We must also identify and address the needs of the truckers, food service workers, grocery workers, childcare providers and others who are proving that they are indeed essential employees. They, along with our medical professionals, custodial workers and others are keeping our world moving during this difficult time,” Escamilla said. “We owe them all a debt of gratitude. Finally, we must see that our tribal communities, communities with limited English proficiency and people experiencing homelessness have the support and resources they will need.”

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