SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson issued an order declaring a state of emergency to help prepare for potential future cases of coronavirus or COVID-19.

“This proclamation does not mean we are currently experiencing an emergency,” Mayor Wilson said in a statement Friday. “It means that we are now in a formal state of preparedness that allows us to utilize resources we expect will be necessary when we encounter the first case of coronavirus transmitted locally.” 

Wilson’s declaration comes just hours behind one from Governor Gary Herbert. State officials said issuing this order now allows the state and communities to access additional funding and resources that will be instrumental in helping prepare to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Mayor Wilson established unified command at Salt Lake County to ensure all county departments and divisions are prepared to respond appropriately and effectively if COVID-19 begins to spread in our community.

Salt Lake County officials said the health department will continue to actively monitor the county for COVID-19 and is taking appropriate measures to prepare for cases locally.