Salt Lake City Mayor Mendenhall issues 4th emergency declaration

Coronavirus Updates

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – The Mayor of Salt Lake City has issued a fourth emergency declaration, adding additional powers related to her first one released on March 10, 2020.

In a press release issued by the Mayor’s office, they said this proclamation is intended to address the health and safety of City employees as well ease the burden of residents who may be quarantined. 

“The health of our City employees is paramount to me and we are making some temporary changes to our employee policies that will enable them to do their jobs more safely,” Mayor Mendenhall said. “And, the ability of our residents to stay home and socially distance themselves is crucial right now. We want to make that as easy as we possibly can.” 

  • Effective immediately, City employees who use a City vehicle for their work will be able to take the vehicle home instead of picking it up from work, reducing employee interactions.
  • Managers will take precautions to avoid employees during shift changes, including clocking employees in and out or making sure they have the ability to do it remotely.
  • The City will also limit parking enforcement and collection to minimize the impact on residents who may be self-quarantined, and whose vehicles may be parked for extended periods of time on City streets – this includes not enforcing time-limited parking on certain streets and parking prohibitions in residential neighborhoods.
  • Metered parking downtown will remain the same so that the City can ensure that people can easily utilize convenient parking for our local businesses.

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