Public health official expresses concern over COVID-19 case count ahead of holiday weekend

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – Nearly 600 more people came down with COVID-19, according to state health officials. 

The Utah Department of Health believes more than 10,280 people currently have the virus. 

State Epidemiologist Dr. Angela Dunn took to Twitter stating, “We had a #COVID19 surge after Memorial Day. Our hospitals can’t handle another one.”

Friday, the state saw its biggest spike in cases this month with 596. 

Data indicates 1,649 Utahs came down with COVID-19 since July 1st. 

July COVID-19 Cases

Governor Gary Herbert uttered the importance of being careful around others earlier this week. 

“We just need to make sure people understand, we are not back to normal. We still have an emergency situation,” he said. 

The governor feels good about the direction of the state but will meet with legislators about a mask mandate. 

“I’m going to be meeting with our legislators next week to talk about where we are at, review the data, see what the data informs us, as we look at best practices. What we should be doing and how we should do it. I think most rational people understand that we should practice good protocols,” he said.

The governor says he understands regional differences and is trying not to have a one size fits all approach. Just one supported by data. 

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