Over 50% of all Utahns are fully vaccinated: Here’s who has the highest, lowest vaccination rates

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(ABC4) – In early September, Utah reached a major COVID-19 vaccine milestone – having over 70% of Utahns ages 12-years-old and older have received at least one dose. Now, Utah is marking yet another milestone.

As of October 8, the Utah Department of Health is reporting 53.2% of all Utahns are fully vaccinated. Just under 60% of all Utahns have received at least one dose.

Over the last month, the percentage of Utahns over the age of 12 with at least one dose increased from 70.4% to 73.5%. Among the same age group, the percentage of fully vaccinated increased 4.3%, from 61.4% to 65.7%.

Here is a look at the most and least vaccinated Utahns based on location, age, race, and ethnicity.

Location, based on local health department

Just as it did last month, Summit County has the highest COVID-19 vaccination rate in the state, according to UDOH. Within the county, 35,233 residents have received at least one dose with over 31,000 being fully vaccinated. UDOH reports 83.6% of Summit County residents have received at least one dose and 74% are fully vaccinated.

Salt Lake County has the second-highest rate of vaccination, reporting 64.3% have received at least one dose while 58.3% are fully vaccinated.

Percentage of Utahns fully vaccinated as of Oct. 8, 2021 (UDOH)

The counties in the TriCounty Health Department – Uintah, Daggett, and Duchesne – have the lowest vaccination rate, as they did in September. As of October 8, the health department is reporting 37.6% of the people it serves have received one dose and 30.9% are fully vaccinated. This is up from 34.5% and 28.5%, respectively, from a month ago.

Counties under the Central Utah Health Department have the second-lowest vaccination rates again, with 40.7% having received at least one dose and 35.3% are fully vaccinated.


Utahns between the ages of 70 and 79 have the highest vaccination rate. According to UDOH, 88.1% of Utahns in this age group are fully vaccinated while 95.8% have received at least one dose. This is up slightly from 86.5% and 95% one month ago.

Residents 80-years-old and older have the next highest rate of vaccinations, with 82.6% fully vaccinated and 90.7% with at least one dose. Combined, these two age groups make up less than 10% of Utah’s eligible population.

Utahns vaccinated, by age, as of Oct. 8, 2021. (UDOH)

Meanwhile, the youngest Utahns continue to have the lowest vaccination rates. Making up 14.2% of Utah’s eligible population, 50.4% of those between the ages of 12 and 18 are fully vaccinated. Just over 59% of the same population has received at least one dose. The second youngest age group, 19-29, has the second-lowest vaccination rate with 56.2% fully vaccinated and 65.1% partially vaccinated.

Race and ethnicity

Utahns identifying as white continue to have the highest vaccination rate with 66.5% having received at least one dose and just over 60% being fully vaccinated, according to UDOH. This is up from 63.9% and 56%, respectively. Hispanic or Latino Utahns have the second-highest rate, with 57.6% receiving at least one dose and 51% considered fully vaccinated.

Utahns identifying as American Indian or Alaska Native have the lowest vaccination rate with 36.8% having received at least one dose and 33.2% being fully vaccinated. That’s an increase of 1.8% and 2.2%, respectively, over last month. According to UDOH, Utahns identifying as Black or African American have the second-lowest rate with 40.7% with one dose, an increase of 1.9% from last month, and 35.4% fully vaccinated, an increase of 2.9%.

For more information on the COVID-19 vaccine, click here. For information on where to get the COVID-19 vaccine, who can get vaccinated, and for frequently asked questions, visit the Utah Department of Health’s website.

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