Utah Department of Health: Thursday COVID-19 data incorrect

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UPDATE: (1/28/21 3:27 P.M.) –

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The Utah Department of Health issued a correction to Utah’s COVID-19 data that was reported on Thursday.

In a tweet, the Utah Department of Health said that it incorrectly reported that there were 0 new COVID-19 deaths on Thursday, citing a “data transmission error”.

The Department of Health said that the deaths that were supposed to be reported with Thursday’s COVID-19 numbers will be added to Friday’s COVID-19 number totals.



(ABC4) – On Thursday, January 28, the Utah Department of Health reports a total of 1,761 new coronavirus cases since Wednesday. 

There are no new deaths.

A total of 342,445 Utahns have tested positive for COVID-19.

The state reported 2,000,023 people tested. This is an increase of 10,917 people tested since yesterday.

The state reports 267,027 vaccines administered, up 16,579 from yesterday. Of those, 213,113 are first doses while 37,335 are second doses.

The rolling 7-day average for positive tests per day is 1,710 per day. The rolling 7-day average for the percent of positive laboratory tests is 18.26%.

There are 444 people currently hospitalized with COVID-19. Total hospitalizations from the beginning of the outbreak are 13,279.

Officials report 1,620 total deaths.


The COVID-19 Transmission Index is a balanced approach intended to protect communities. It represents the collaborative work of state and local public health officials, the Governor’s Office, legislative leaders, the hospital industry, and business leaders. 

The transmission index clarifies the public health metrics used to determine which counties are placed in which transmission level. Counties will be placed in one of three transmission levels: High, Moderate, or Low. These levels correspond directly to case rates, positivity rates, and ICU utilization.

Data will be analyzed weekly; counties will be placed into a transmission level depending solely on what information their data shows. Changes from a lower level to a higher level may occur weekly. Changes from a higher level to a lower level may occur every 14 days at a minimum when thresholds are met.

Total Utahns testing positive342,445340,684 (+1,761)
Total Utahns tested2,000,0231,989,106 (+10,917)
COVID-19 related deaths in Utah1,6201,620 (+0)
Vaccines administered267,027250,448 (+16,579)
Utahns currently hospitalized with COVID-19444452 (-6)
Total hospitalizations13,27913,217 (+62)

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