‘Necessary’ or ‘ridiculous’: Costco shoppers weigh in on new mandatory mask policy

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MURRAY (ABC4 News) – Monday was the first day of Costco’s mandatory mask policy for shoppers at all 11 of its Utah warehouses.

Outside the Murray Costco at one o’clock Monday there was a line and a sign: “All Members, Guests and Employees Must Wear Face Coverings.”

“I hate wearing a mask but I think it’s necessary until we get this virus behind us,” shopper Jeb Berg told ABC4 News.

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Most customers willingly complied but Dallas Archuleta was turned at away at the front entrance.

“They just told me I couldn’t come in without a mask on. I don’t think it’s necessary so I’m not going to participate in that,” Archuleta said. “It doesn’t really seem like anybody’s getting sick. I’m not sick so I don’t feel I should wear a mask…I think it’s ridiculous but there’s plenty of stores. I can shop online so it’s not a big deal to me. They’re just losing a customer right now.”

Other shoppers said that masks in public are simply the new normal and they’re taking Costco’s policy at face value.

“I have no problem with them reminding us to wear a mask so I think it’s keeping us all healthy,” shopper Laurel Vance said. “I actually have Type 1 Diabetes and so it protects me and protects other people and I have elderly parents that we’re taking care of so it protects them.”

Costco is still only allowing two members per card in the store at a time and asking everyone to stay at least six feet apart.

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