FRUIT HEIGHTS (ABC4 News) – Amid the COVID19 pandemic, you maybe dealing with feelings of anxiety and depression.

“It’s normal for people during times of crisis to feel symptoms of anxiety like worry or panic even,” said Dr. Corey Ericksen, a family practice physician in Fruit Heights.

In dealing with an illness where unity is the best prescription for defeating it, many of us are actively alone together as our best defense in stopping the spread.

“There’s lots of self-help platforms to manage situational anxiety-depression ,” said Dr. Ericksen. “There are apps that manage stress. You can search hundreds of self-help sites from the state or the universities, or various organizations.”

All of the alone time paired with the financial and emotional stress of this pandemic is enough to make it a serious burden.

“What I think is missing is care for those whose symptoms have progressed beyond the expected reaction to this situation to an actual disorder,” he said.

To tell the difference, Dr. Ericksen suggests monitoring your symptoms to see if they only last for a short-time or if they’re long-term.

He also addresses potential thoughts of suicide.

“Symptoms of depression and one of those days are when you don’t even want to be here. You don’t even want to be alive.”

Dr. Ericksen encourages people to reach out for help on the SafeUT app. You can also reach out on to get a free mental health assessment.