LEHI, Utah (ABC4 News) – As parents across the country continue to adjust the new realities caused by the novel coronavirus, there’s a constant task to find creative and new ways to engage with their children.

The stress of a lost job, reduction in work hours on top of adjusting to isolation mandates when it seems as there’s no end to the crisis in sight could be mentally draining for some. Parents and students are also adapting to a world of online learning at home.

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Jenny Phillips, creator of the home school curriculum The Good and the Beautiful, can relate to parents who are new to in-home learning as she remembers the early feelings of homeschooling her own children. The Saratoga Springs mom of five tells ABC4.com,”I never intended to start a business.” Phillps started The Good and the Beautiful in her basement five years ago, now she has more than 100 employees in their Lehi warehouse, the curriculum is used by over 100,000 families.

With the many coronavirus closures, many families may feel cooped up in their homes and looking at alternate ways to keep their kids mentally active aside from the electronics. Phillips is offering The Good and the Beautiful’s nature notebook for a free PDF download until May 31. The company knows during this time of uncertainty and loss of income, parents are still needing to keep their kids active while staying safe. This is a fun way to engage children in nature through scavenger hunts, games, sketching, poetry, and journaling, while including language arts, art, handwriting, science, and motor development.

Philips describes the non-denominational curriculum as “open and go.”

“It means a parent doesn’t need to any lesson prep, each lesson comes with instructions on how the parent can go about teaching to their child,” said Phillips. She also says parents shouldn’t feel intimidated about teaching their children about a specific subject. The open and go format allows for parents and children to learn simultaneously. Studies have shown regardless of a parent’s level of education, the academics of home schooling can be effective.

Phillips tells ABC4.com, “Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, families are seeking help. Good and Beautiful has seen a significant increase in online sales.” While some of the increase is attributed to a one-week sale the company held as they prepare to move to a larger warehouse, families are still shopping The Good and the Beautiful in record numbers, likely due to COVID-19 school closures.

Despite the negative effects of the crisis, “These resources have actually been somewhat of a blessing to a lot of families. “This time at home has given parents an opportunity to really dive into the subjects their child may be having a tough time with, it’s also allowed families to take advantage of some of the activities they have been putting off for awhile.”

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“Parents now have the time to get outside and learn and explore right along with their kids,” Phillips said. “We encourage children to notice, to observe, and to appreciate the natural world around them. A little fresh air will be good for everyone right now”, she added.

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