Utah County, Utah (ABC4 News) – Typically, it’s rare to walk into the local grocery or big bulk store and you can’t find simple items such as disinfectant spray, hand sanitizer, or toilet paper. That is, until a global pandemic comes along and wipes out an entire isle of items that are used to help kill germs and coronaviruses.

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Due to increased demand of these essential items in stores across the state, one local company is helping to fill the need. David Faerber of American Fork has worked as a dentist for over 12 years, but once the COVID-19 pandemic went into full swing, many industries were forced to halt patient visits. Dentistry was one of those industries and that brought on some unexpected down time for Faerber.

As a consumer he noticed the devastation caused by the crisis and how abruptly items disappeared from store shelves. “I started thinking something is wrong here” said Faerber. It was then he along with a neighbor and some family members developed the idea to start a business to help combat the shortages.

Raincor, is a Utah based company that specializes in supplying essential products most needed and recommended by health officials to help fight germs such as liquid and gel sanitizer, disinfectant and even distributes N-95 masks to help combat the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). All Raincor products are produced locally.

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As someone who works in healthcare, David Faerber and Raincor are aware it’s not only stores that are experiencing these shortages of cleaning and sanitizing items, health care facilities are also dealing with a lack of sanitary products. Raincor says they are giving back to the community by donating supplies to local healthcare workers and organizations, in addition the company will donate proceeds from sales to local front-line workers.

“There’s a lot of fear throughout the communities due to this pandemic, and people are scared to go in public” Fearber tells ABC4, “with the shortages of PPE, and essential necessities in the workplace, as a healthcare professional, I too have had concerns about returning to work.”

Understanding the fear of going into stores, most notably the elderly who are at a higher-risk for becoming infected with the virus, the company has implemented a will call system where customers can pick up items from Raincor’s American Fork distribution center for no additional cost. Others can choose to have items shipped to their home or office by placing an order on the company’s website.

Faerber says the will call pick up system is an option “for those seniors in the community who doesn’t want to go to the store because he or she is scared.”

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As Utah begins to reopen the economy and individuals embrace what we now call the “new normal”, David Faerber says he hopes people will “go forward from the pandemic with confidence, embrace the new way of living as well as staying prepared with those much needed sanitary items.”

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