Governor and state leaders announce changes to the current mandate, Utahns urged to keep gatherings small

Coronavirus Updates

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert takes off his mask before speaking during the daily briefing on the state’s efforts to fight COVID-19 Wednesday, June 24, 2020, in Salt Lake City. Hebert said he will require face masks at state-run buildings that include liquor stores and higher education offices and approve a request from the state’s largest county to make face coverings required in certain situations. But the Republican governor stopped short of implementing a statewide requirement for face coverings as several other states have done such as Washington, California and New York. (Steve Griffin/ Deseret News via AP, Pool)

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – Governor Gary Herbert and other state leaders updated Utahns on the pandemic situation going into Thanksgiving.

He talked about maintaining social distancing and reiterated washing your hands.

He said “Be thankful, and be careful.”

Dr. Dunn stepped up and spoke about the new cases and mentioned the 7-day rolling average has stabilized which is good news.

Rich Saunders spoke next, talking about the change in public mandates. The current emergency order is expiring. Here is what the new order states:

  1. The Utah Department of Health will announce each county’s transmission area designation on the Department’s website. The designation will not be lowered until 14 days after the last area designation. The designations are Low, Moderate, and High transmission areas.
  2. Restrictions on people exist regardless of the transmission rate. Masks will be worn in an indoor public setting; six feet of physical space difference must be maintained from anyone from a separate household. When outdoors and within six feet of an individual, wear a mask. If you are an event host or are doing business, wear a face mask, and maintain physical distance from other individuals.
  3. Regardless of a transmission designation, if you are hosting an event or social gathering, you must complete UDOH’s event management template. Require each person attending to wear a face mask regardless of ingress or egress, post signs that list the COVID-19 symptoms, ask people with the symptoms to stay home, and tell them to wear a face mask and maintain social distancing. There are other restrictions for high transmission areas.
  4. Business restrictions. Require each employee or contractor to wear a face mask while at work and post conspicuous signage at each entrance that lists COVID-19 symptoms, ask employees and patrons if they are experiencing symptoms to stay at home, and asks for them to wear a facemask and maintain the social distancing.

The order then addresses sports and activities, and institutions of higher education.

Finally the order talks about facemask exceptions and waivers.

Taylor Dean spoke next. Utahns were urged to mask up, and data was presented that masks do help keep the case counts down, subsequently helping the economy. Later on during the day, the new data was presented via zoom conference.

The Governor did remind everyone there is a mask mandate for all 29 counties.

In the end, the Governor asked Utahns not to be glum and told the story of a great grandfather who was on the Mayflower. He talked about the first Thanksgiving. He said he sees similarities in the troubled times of today as those in the past. The process of finding answers, a light at the end of the tunnel

He spoke about what he was thankful for. Including being grateful for people who are wearing masks and talked about having a can-do attitude will accomplish

The Governor wished everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

You can read the entire order in the slideshow below:

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