SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – A Utah grocery chain has announced that they will continue to require masks at their stores, even after the statewide mask mandate is lifted on April 10.

In an email sent out to their customers, Harmons founder Bob Harmon and CEO Mark Jensen say they will continue to require masks in their stores to keep their employees and customers safe.

“We are very proud of how far we’ve come in our efforts to keep everyone safe, and we intend to continue on that pathway. The majority of our associates have not yet had the opportunity to get vaccinated, and we will continue to focus on their safety as well as that of our customers,” the email to customers said.

A bill passed by the Utah legislature, which Gov. Cox is expected to sign, will lift the mask mandate on April 10.

Gov. Cox has publicly supported businesses who choose to enforce mask-wearing beyond April 10, saying, “Please act with respect to your fellow human beings. If you go into a business, and they are requiring you to wear masks, wear masks. Don’t yell at the clerk. Don’t yell at the store manager. Don’t make a fool of yourself because you don’t want to wear masks. The government after April 10th in those settings will not require masks, but businesses absolutely have a right to require masks and if you don’t like it, go shop somewhere else.”

 “You don’t need to be a jerk you come into contact with, conversely if you go into a restaurant and a table is closer to yours than maybe what you think, don’t yell at the waitress and tell her you want people six feet away from you,” the governor added.

Harmon’s began requiring all customers who entered their stores to wear masks on June 27, 2020.

“Like you, we are excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel as vaccinations roll out and cases continue to drop, but we aren’t quite at the finish line yet,” Harmons said in a letter to customers.