LOGAN, Utah (ABC4 News) – There are 52 cases of COVID-19 and zero deaths in Box Elder, Cache and Rich counties, according to the latest information given by Bear River Health Department. While gatherings above 10 people are prohibited for non-essential activities, gyms and fitness centers have been given the OK to open.

Some gyms like Cache Valley Boxing are open and taking clients, while other gyms have decided to stay closed.

The last day of training was March 18 for Michael Evans, and he hasn’t been open since.

“Try to stay in touch with my students, I’ll go down to the studio and do some exercises, techniques and post them on Facebook, I’m hoping we can open, be open around May 4th,” said Evans.

Evans said he has to stay closed because he focuses on group training and usually has over 40 people. In his class, so social distancing would be a challenge.

“I normally train at Planet Fitness several days a week and it’s obviously been closed, Ryan is pretty much the only one I know of here that’s doing personal lessons and training,” said Evans.

Ryan Gregory owns Cache Valley Boxing. He said Tuesday was his first personal training session. That’s the first time he’s opened in about a month.

“A lot of people were angry, they were mad at me, I lost members, I lost six members over this. This was for their safety, and mine,” said Gregory.

Bear River Health Department released an updated public health order on April 13 stating employees who have respiratory illness symptoms or COVID-19 symptoms must stay home and customers must be screened before entering the gym.

“Are they sick? Any coughing whatsoever, is a no,” said Gregory.

Only one person per 100 square feet is allowed in the gym.

“I can’t have more than probably 8 people in this location, spread out, tops, I’m still not going to do that,” said Gregory.

And no team or group activities are allowed, which is preventing many gyms to open in these counties.

The owner of Zone Fitness has a sign on their door. They’re open and following the guidelines from Bear River Health Department.

Gym owners said they’ve had to adapt to the times by continuing their work through online platforms. Gregory said he is relieved he can at least stay open for personal training sessions.