SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – As COVID-19 cases are once again on the rise health officials are worried that new cases will see a sharp spike when schools return this fall.

The state issued new recommendations from K-12 graders which includes encouraging all students 12 and older to get a vaccine.

“The concern is students acting as vectors in transmitting the virus,” Director Ben Horsley says.

Granite School District has roughly 63,000-thousand students and the district says of which half are ineligible for a vaccine. To help protect those students, the state is also encouraging face masks while indoors.

“I anticipate the board will direct us too adhere too that guidance as fairly closely as we can,” Horsley explains.

Also on the list, the state recommends quarantining and other protective measures after a school exposure, regular COVID-19 testing, physical distancing, and cohorting.

“Cohorts for lunches will continue especially in the elementary age group,” Horsley shares.

State health officials are worried that schools will once again become COVID-19 hot spots.

Vaccination is going to make it so that your life is not disrupted like it was last school year with the quarantine and exposure protocol and missing out on extracurricular activities and missing out on class,” Jenny Johnson from the Utah Department of Health states.

The Granite School District says it is ready for school to resume August 16. The district says it will continue to practice social distancing and all cleaning and disinfecting guidelines.

“We are prepared to fully implement restrictions and guidance to the tune that we experienced last year,” Horsley explains.