SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – In their weekly update on the coronavirus pandemic, Utah officials addressed the state’s economic health with an updated version of a recovery plan they call Utah Leads Together.

“I have here, hot off the press, a copy of Utah Leads Together Volume IV,” Governor Gary Herbert announced at the State Capitol.

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The document lays out 100 day, 250 day and 500 day goals to get Utahns back to work and back into spending mode.

“The first is return to work while following the public health guidelines we’ve discussed,” House speaker Brad Wilson (R – Kaysville) said. “The second pillar of this transition today is to connect unemployed Utahns with available jobs and lastly start to utilize $50 million or more of the Federal CARES Act money to encourage consumers to re-engage with the local economy.”

To that end, the plan launches a new campaign called “Stay Safe To Stay Open” to bolster consumer confidence. Derek Miller, Chairman of the Utah Economic Response Task Force, explained it.

“This campaign calls on businesses to take a pledge, a pledge to engage in the best practices for health and safety,” Miller said. “Those businesses that take the pledge will receive signage for their businesses and consumers who see the Stay Safe To Stay Open signs can have confidence that those businesses are following state health guidelines.”

Governor Herbert says by following the plan Utah can turn the economic crisis around into a quick recovery and keep funding necessary things like highways, schools and healthcare programs.

“If you don’t have a healthy economy, it’s pretty tough to pay those bills,” the Governor said. “We’ve been very good at it in Utah this past decade of building, growing and expanding the economy to become the most healthy, diversified economy in the world. And we’re going to do it again. We’re going to have to go back and start over. We have a plan to get us there.”

The legislature is scheduled to meet Thursday in a special session to address the state’s budget.

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