SALT LAKE CITY, Utah- (ABC4 News) – State leaders are rolling out new recommendations in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

“I think everyone understands things have changed. Very few samples have tested positive, but spread is going to occur,” said Governor Gary Herbert, (R) Utah.

The governor says it’s important to be proactive and says if proper steps are followed the virus can be slowed down in our state.

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With that in mind, he and other state leaders made the following recommendations for at least the next two weeks.

  • Mass gatherings should be limited to 100 people. That includes church gatherings, concerts and sporting events. But, not schools or places of work.
  • Those over 60 or with a compromised immune system should limit gatherings to 20 people.
  • If you are sick, stay home.
  • Workers are encouraged to telecommute where possible.
  • The Department of Health will monitor high-risk groups.

As for now, there is no plan to cancel public schools. That decision is being left to individual districts. is tracking how Utah schools and universities are responding to coronavirus here.

State Superintendent Sydnee Dickson says districts should not make that decision without consulting with local health officials first.

Watch the full press conference here:

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