‘It’s grim news’ Governor Herbert gives a briefing on COVID-19 surge in Utah

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – With a record number of cases and hospitalizations, Governor Herbert lead a briefing on Utah’s pandemic situation. He said, “It’s grim news, and it’s discouraging.”

The Governor said the news of the higher numbers is not surprising, and if the numbers coming out from the health department are correct, we will see higher numbers in the upcoming days and weeks.

“We will continue to see this dramatic increase unless we modify and change our behavior.”

The Governor said he had had emergency meetings the last two days. Talking about education, our schools, business, and hospitals.

The Governor also said he had met with legislative leaders to discuss policy modification going forward.

He mentioned that 41 other states have spiked in the virus. 37 have had the highest spikes they’ve had since the beginning of the pandemic.

Governor Herbert said, “It’s frustrating because we all know we can modify and bend the curve if we all could cooperate.”

The asymptomatic transfer is a problem, and the Governor said they are looking into expanding testing to those who do not have symptoms.

The Governor said, “I know we sound like a broken record. The protocol really stays the same; if you are sick, don’t go to work. You should social distance, make sure you are not in close proximity to other folks who may have the virus. Wash your hands often and make sure you have good hygiene and don’t spread the virus yourself or pick it up, and of course, when you cannot social distance, you should absolutely be wearing a mask.”

He mentions over 100 studies that say if you wear a mask it will minimize your risk of spreading the coronavirus or catching the coronavirus.

“I wear the mask to protect you, you wear the mask to protect me.”

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The Governor said, “This is not a hoax, this is a serious ailment, a serious virus, that creates a serious disease. And we have people who are catching and not only getting sick but some of them, unfortunately, are dying.”

He said they are expecting a vaccination to be available within a few months.

Dr. Angela Dunn explained we are in a second surge that began in late August, early September. It started with younger people 15-24, but now in November is spreading to all age groups.

The governor said it is our casual gatherings that cause the largest degree of spread, not businesses or the schools. People are bringing the virus into situations like casual BBQs or gatherings. Then it gets spread into schools and other locations.

The Governor said they are exploring options, but may have something to say about the casual gatherings next week.

Governor Herbert asked everyone to respect the virus.

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