Governor Herbert and Dr. Angela Dunn speak on Utah’s coronavirus situation

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – Governor Herbert and Dr. Angela Dunn updated the State’s coronavirus situation. Dr. Tom Miller, chief medical officer, University of Utah Health, and Lexi Cunningham, director, Utah State Superintendents Association spoke for additional support of the state’s current pandemic situation.

First Dr. Dunn spoke about the new case loads and the addition of cases that are the result of antigen testing. 251 cases are the result of the antigen testing. She also mentioned the addition of data to the states website.

Dr. Dunn explained the high case numbers for today are because of the following reasons, the excerpt below is how the state sent it to ABC4 News:

251 are the result of antigen testing that has occurred in some labs since early-June. UDOH has reviewed the accuracy of antigen test data and we are now including these results in the daily count of positive and negative cases. Like PCR tests, antigen tests tell you if you have COVID-19 right now. A PCR test identifies an infection by detecting viral RNA, an antigen test identifies infection by detecting a protein that is part of the COVID-19 virus. Both tests are conducted using a nasal swab. Antigen tests are able to return results faster than PCR tests.

Additionally, due to an electronic data reporting delay 50 cases that were diagnosed during the first week of July, and 246 cases that were diagnosed earlier this week are being added to the total case count today.

How to use the State’s new Case Count Dashboard

The Governor then addressed using masks to try and protect each other from the virus, and why he did not want to use a mandate to get Utahns to wear the masks. He then implored Utahns to care about each other and wear the masks out of respect.

The Governor then brought out Dr. Miller, to talk about the science of wearing a mask. During his report he also implored Utahns to wear a mask and went through the learning curve of wearing it and why it’s important. He also mentioned we will not have to wear masks forever. He stated it is a means to get us to a next step.

After Dr. Miller spoke, Governor Herbert emphasized we are treading water to get to the next step. He then spoke about a modification to the alert status of Salt Lake County in order to help the schools open on time.

Next, he brought out Lexi Cunningham, director, Utah State Superintendents Association to address the school’s situation for students, the districts, and the parents.

You can watch the entire briefing above, and the questions the Governor took from reporters.

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