Governor Cox holds first media briefing focusing on vaccine distribution

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4) – On Thursday, Governor Spencer Cox held his first monthly press conference as the Governor of Utah.

The focus was vaccine distribution and making sure folks do not miss getting their second doses.

“It not the end of the world if you miss that deadline,” Governor Cox said. “We will release those second doses for people who have not shown up to get them within seven days and those will then become first doses.”

The Governor’s executive order helps speed up vaccine distribution and requires vaccines to be administered within 7 days.

According to new numbers from the state, Utah’s local health departments have used 94% of first doses older than seven days.

Community nursing services have used 100% of vaccines and 26,000 vaccines of more than 220,00 state-wide have been used.

The focus right now is vaccinating those in long term care facilities.

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden signed an executive order challenging Americans to wear a mask over the next 100 days. The governor says the state is already working hand in hand with the president and that some of the executive orders Biden signed regarding vaccines and PPE could help the state.

“We are working on better insight on the flow of vaccines and how that will increase over time as manufacturing increases and new manufacturing comes on board,” Governor Cox said.

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As the state legislature is meeting to balance the budget, the Governor says that should the state need more money to vaccine people, the funds could come from the General Fund.

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