SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — In just days, House Democrats plan to pass the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill.

On Saturday, the Senate passed it along party lines.

The big takeaway from this bill is the bigger stimulus checks; $1,400 to be exact and if this bill is passed people could see that money before the month is over.

“Generous, I think that is very generous,” says Sandi O’Connell. “I am thrilled they are going to pass it. Let’s hope it makes it all the way. I think everyone needs the money. We need the boost and it is really going to help out a lot of people in need.”

The third round of COVID-19 relief has one more hurdle to overcome before it is passed.

The Senate passed the bill along party lines Saturday and the House is expected to vote on it Tuesday, which, if they vote along party lines, will pass.

In a nutshell, the package works on three areas: pandemic response, direct relief to struggling families, and support for communities and small businesses.

“I think it is needed and it’s great and it’s a shame it took so long to get this out to the people because it is needed,” says Paul O’Connell.

Both Utah senators, Sen. Mitt Romney and Sen. Mike Lee voted against the COVID-19 relief bill. 

They both released statements.

Lee said in part, “This bloated, wasteful bill was not written for patients or businesses or workers suffering from COVID; it was written for the Democratic Party.”

While on the Senate floor Satruday, Sen. Romney said states’ economies are not in that bad of shape.

“The data that has come out since then shows many states did not have those kinds of losses. Many states did not, twenty-one states are seeing a rise in revenue,” says Sen. Romney.

The O’Connell’s, who own a small higher education business, said these bills should be partisan.

“I don’t think there is any disagreement that it is needed,” said Paul. “The disagreement is nobody wants to say the other side won, so that’s what it was all about is whiny fighting, to be honest.”