UTAH (ABC4) – The first case of the P.1 COVID-19 variant, the dominant strain in Brazil, has been detected in Utah.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports one case has been reported in the state as of Sunday, March 21. Utah is now one of 17 other states to have the P.1 variant confirmed among its positive cases. Arizona, California, Texas, and Florida are among those who have also confirmed the variant.

The CDC is currently tracking three variants in the U.S. – P.1, the Brazilian variant; B.1.1.7., the U.K. variant; and B.1.351, the South African variant.

According to the CDC, there are 150 confirmed cases of the U.K. variant in Utah. The Utah Department of Health confirmed the state’s first case of the B.1.1.7. variant in mid-January.

The CDC reports Florida and Michigan have had the most confirmed cases of the B.1.1.7. variant, with 1,040 and 616, respectively. Only Oklahoma has not seen a confirmed case of this variant.

Florida also has the largest number of confirmed cases of the P.1 Brazil variant at 21, according to the CDC.

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More than 20 states have had at least one confirmed case of the B.1.351 South African variant. Among those are Utah neighbors Idaho, Nevada, and Colorado. South Carolina has the most confirmed cases of this variant at 50.

Officials say the COVID-19 vaccines currently approved for use are believed to be effective against the strains. Regular COVID-19 testing will not, however, detect if a positive case is from the new variant – that requires additional testing.