Davis, Weber and Morgan counties plan to have a soft opening for businesses May 1. The three counties held a press conference together to provide a health update.

If you live in Davis, Weber and Morgan counties, in less than two weeks, you could possibly be sitting in your favorite restaurant that you haven’t been to since the pandemic, but still with a few regulations according to health officials and commissioners.

Curb-side- only pick-ups could become a thing of the past, but health leaders want residents to know COVID-19 is still very much here.

“We are excited, optimistic, but very cautious, all the great work could go away very quickly if we don’t monitor and watch and continue to do the things we need to,” said Brian Hatch, Director of Davis County Health Department.

Those guidelines will be based on what the governor releases on April 28 according to commissioners. Along with the 6 feet distancing, use of masks, increased cleaning practices and monitoring for symptoms.

“The data looks good, and we look at several areas, we look at the disease prevalence are the cases going up are they going down,” said Brian Bennion, the Executive Director of Weber-Morgan Health Department.

Health leaders and commissioners say the soft opening for businesses is because the districts have been maintaining low numbers for COVID-19 and there has been an economic battle for small businesses.

“What we are most proud of is the way the community has come together, that we’ve worked together and that we’ve been able to flatten the curve together,” said Bennion.

There will be industry specific guidelines for different types of businesses. Commissioners are also encouraging business owners to continue to apply for the PPP.

The public health order will be released May 1 and we’ll provide you with that update when it comes out.