Davis School District testing all students participating in activities

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WOODS CROSS, Utah (ABC4 News) – The Davis School District began testing students today, partaking in activities, like sports, drama, and drill.

Testing is mandatory for any student who participates in activities. School leaders say there are more than 2,000 students in the district that qualify.

It’s a quick nasal swab and results are show just 15 minutes later. By the end of the day, students should have their results and know they’re going to have to quarantine or stay in school.

“Every school district has to test athletes and other students involved in extracurricular activities right now in the winter, that’s basketball, swimming, wrestling, drill, and any student involved with drama,” said Chris Williams, the spokesperson for Davis School District.

Paige Campbell is on the swim team and says a mandatory test is a good thing.

“I think it’s better than not being able to swim at all. I’d rather be able to have a test and quarantine and have our test and quarantine and get ourselves ready instead of having the whole season taken away,” said Campbell.

High school leaders are in charge of putting a list together for coaches and those running activities so they know who is in the clear, and who tested positive. If students do test positive, there’s an opportunity for them to take another test just 7 days later.  

“Opportunity for them to come back after 7 days, that’s another test that we perform out the Freeport Center, for all our employees and students who are in quarantine after 7 days, you cross your fingers that’s something that can happen,” said Williams.

District leaders say mornings, Monday through Thursday nurses will be at the Freeport location testing employees. From 1 to 3 pm they will be at high schools in Davis School District, testing students.

“Our school nurses are trained by Davis County Health Department, they provide the testing, we get the test for free, we do have to pay our school nurses,” added Williams.

On Thursday, testing begins at Bountiful High School.

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