DABC sees high sales in March

Coronavirus Updates

MURRAY, Utah (ABC4 News) – The COVID-19 scare is driving up sales at local liquor stores. More people are headed to the stores now that restaurants and bars can’t have people dine-in.

It’s keeping the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control employees very busy.

DABC’s Terry Wood told ABC4’s Jason Nguyen on Friday, “You’ve seen the lines there at that Cottonwood Heights store Jason, that is our highest volume store in the state.”

Line at Cottonwood Heights DABC Store on Friday afternoon

Wood says walk-in sales went over 30 percent when Jazz Star Rudy Gobert tested positive for COVID-19 and the NBA pushed pause on the season.

Since March 11th, the DABC sold 2,780,599 bottles of alcohol and made $31,829,899.55 in sales.
The only day the state didn’t see more than a million in sales was the day of the Earthquake on the 18th.

March Totals provided by the DABC

“Did you ever think in the State of Utah you’d see the churches closed and the liquor store open?,” said Salt Lake County Resident Ashley McSwain.

To keep the stores open Wood tells ABC4 News staff disinfects everything a customer may touch, Plexiglas is up at checkouts and the stores that don’t have them soon will.

Inside a DABC Store

“So people are realizing that they have to get what they would want to take home because they are not going to get it in the bars and restaurants right now,” says Wood.

DABC stores only let in 10 people at a time but lines move quickly.
Stores are open from 12-7 Monday through Saturday.

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