OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) – Many people are getting outdoors now that the weather is warming up and COVID-19 has forced residents to stay home. One kind of business that is benefiting from this is cycling shops.

ABC4’s Jordan Verdadeiro isn’t the one who recently bought a bike. The owner of Skyline Cycle in Ogden says he’s never sold this many bikes in his career.

There’s been a surge in bike sales all over the cycling industry since the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Matt, the owner of Skyline Cycle.

“This is about the busiest, I’ve ever seen it,” said Matt.

Matt says others in the industry haven’t seen or heard of a surge like this since the 70s or 80s.

“And they recount bringing in whole containers that were sold with names on lists before they even got in the country,” said Matt.

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It’s not just new bikes that are selling, but people that want to fix their old bikes.

“We’re seeing new people, we’re seeing people that were cyclists coming back,” said Matt.

Matt also says this is the first time he’s seen this many women getting into biking.

“My entire ladies section which should be here, my ladies mountain bikes, it’s gone,” he added.

The biggest challenges for Matt and his employees are getting the bicycles here, keeping them in stock and getting them built.

“We’re starting to see vacancies in categories where they typically don’t,” said Matt.

To maintain social distancing, he’s keeping cones on the floors and shower curtains by the entrance. Customers have to ring a bell to be let inside.

“Bikes to us and bikes to the public, its transportation, it’s enjoyment, it’s fitness, it’s family time, it’s relaxing,” he said.

Matt says, another possible reason for the surge, many customers have mentioned how biking has helped with their mental health during the pandemic.

Matt says if you’re looking to ride a bike, check out your nearest cycle shop.