COVID-19: Weber-Morgan Health Dept. sees decrease in Latino/Hispanic cases, increase in White/Caucasian cases

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OGDEN, Utah (ABC4 News) – Nearly 5,000 people in the Weber-Morgan Health District have COVID-19. District leaders see a downward trend in positive Latino and Hispanic cases, but an increase for those who identify as White and Caucasian. ABC4’s Northern Utah correspondent, Jordan Verdadeiro, reports.

Weber-Morgan Health Department leaders say 48% of coronavirus cases are coming from the White and Caucasian demographic. 38% of cases are coming from the Hispanic and Latino community.

“Whereas in June, it was the exact opposite, it was flipped, 48 and 38 respectively,” said Jesse Bush of the Weber-Morgan Health Department.

Earlier this summer, the department joined in on a multi-cultural task force, a community effort to help people of color in the district get access to coronavirus information, despite their primary language. Latinos and Hispanics still account for a disproportionate amount of cases.

“We want to see this trend because we want to see proportional data, 85% of our demographics here are Caucasian and White,” said Bush.

Leaders say the task force, along with efforts from the State and the county’s Mask-Up Weber Campaign, are helping with the decrease of positive cases for Latinos and Hispanics. A question for the department now is, why are cases rising with Whites and Caucasians?

“What are the barriers, what are the concerns? Are there any other things culturally, environmentally, that we aren’t considering, and we want to ask them those questions instead of saying, ‘this is why we think it’s happening,” said Bush.

District leaders say community health workers ask for resident’s input within Weber and Morgan counties to make data-informed decisions and get to a more proportionate case count.

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