Court cracks down on Cedar Hills man accused of making ‘fraudulent claims’ to sell coronavirus products

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – A district court judge has ordered a Cedar Hills man to stop selling a purported COVID-19 cure online.

“Hello. My name is Doctor Gordon Pedersen,” he says in an online video which has since been taken down from the internet.

Dr. Pedersen’s bio says he has four medical degrees but a search reveals that he is not licensed in medicine or anything else in the State of Utah. 

On numerous podcasts, he claims that in 2003 he won a medal in speedskating.

“I stood on the podium and I received the bronze medal in speedskating,” Pedersen claims on one podcast. “It was at the Utah Winter Games and you know what? It changed my life to give me something to do.”

The Utah Winter Olympics were held in 2002 and the International Olympic Committee has no record of Pedersen winning any medals but it’s not bronze that has him in trouble. It’s silver.

He’s listed as the Medical Director for The Silver Health Institute and has sold what he calls Alkaline Structured Silver in gel, lozenge and liquid form advertised in YouTube videos.

“I’m drinking, morning and night, two tablespoons twice a day,” he says in one video entered as evidence by the U.S. Department of Justice. “Because I want that liquid silver in my bloodstream circulating around so in case that virus gets into my bloodstream through inhalation or eating my foods or my eyes that it’s going to be in my bloodstream ready to usher it out as soon as it gets in my body.”

In another video, he asserts that the coronavirus is magnetically attracted to silver.

“The virus wants to attach to the silver more than a red blood cell so it’s locked to that silver and that silver is excreted 12 hours later,” Pedersen said.

On Wednesday, a federal judge issued an temporary restraining order to stop Pedersen’s companies from selling the products and freezing their assets. A release from the Department of Justice says “…beginning in early 2020, the defendants conducted a scheme to defraud consumers throughout the United States, promoting and selling silver products based on fraudulent claims of protection against, and treatment for, COVID-19…the defendants have made a wide variety of false and misleading claims touting silver products as a preventative for COVID-19.”

A hearing in the case against Pedersen has been scheduled for May 12.

ABC4 News tried to reach Pedersen Thursday but a phone number listed as belonging to him was no longer in service.

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