Concert controversy: Collin Raye performance planned for May 30th in Kaysville

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UPDATE: Thursday May 21st event organizers announced the concert would be moved to Granstville but Tooele County Health officials say the event has not been approved. Click the link for the full update.

KAYSVILLE (ABC4 News) – A local organization is planning a country music concert in defiance of the state’s ban on gatherings of more than 50 people. Some are calling it patriotic. Others say it’s irresponsible and dangerous.

A press release claims the Collin Raye performance will be America’s first live concert since the COVID-19 pandemic, stating: “The Concert and Business Revival will take place on Saturday May 30, 2020 from 6:00 – 10:00 pm at Barnes Park. *Event is free, no tickets are required.”

Kaysville Mayor Katie Witt

The release quotes Eric Moutsous of the the group Utah Business Revival as saying  “If we can all stand in line waiting for toilet paper, we can certainly all shop safely in an open air market and enjoy a country music legend, Collin Raye.”

Kaysville Mayor Katie Witt told me ABC4 News she approved the concert.

“This is a Constitutional rights issue,” Mayor Witt said. “If we just wait for we the government to decide give you back your freedoms then you really don’t have freedoms.”

Mayor Witt says she expects between 600 and 800 people to be there although many outdoor concerts, especially free ones, draw thousands. 

Davis County Health Department Director Brian Hatch is not pleased.

“I’m disappointed that we would disregard the guidelines the Governor has put into place,” Hatch said Friday. “It goes against and threatens all of the hard work we’ve put in up to this point as a community.”

ABC4 asked both Mayor Witt and Director Hatch if they would take their families to the concert.

“I have a son with Cystic Fibrosis, so most of my family will not be there,” Mayor Witt said. “I will probably attend but will have a mask and social-distance and keep myself to myself. “

“I wouldn’t attend,” Director Hatch said. “It’s too early and I wouldn’t expose my family and definitely would not just disregard everybody else’s hard work and efforts that they’ve put into controlling the spread of COVID in our community.”

The city of Kaysville had previously canceled all of their Fourth of July festivities including their fireworks display because of the outbreak.


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