SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – You’ve heard about our doctors, nurses, and first responders who work the front lines battling COVID-19. One group of people who are often overlooked are the ones who ensure they can do their jobs, the hospital cleaners.

Hospital Cleaner Cleaning a COVID-19 Room Courtesy: U of U Health

Making sure hospitals are a clean and safe environment is a demanding job.

“But now we have COVID-19, we are paying more attention than before,” said James Mwizerwa who is the EVS Discharge Team Supervisor at the University of Utah Health Hospital.

He’s in charge of 45 people who clean it.

“There [was] a lot of panic, many people were scared, it’s a virus that is taking many lives of people,” he said.

Mwizerwa says he was scared too, so they met with doctors to learn how COVID-19 was transmitted.

“We found out COVID-19 is like any other droplet precaution,” he said.

Covered in personal protective equipment, they clean patient rooms like these that have the COVID-19 virus.

“Right after we bring that special machine that goes inside to kill all viruses,” he said.

Rapid Disinfector Courtesy: U of U Health

The machine is called a Rapid Disinfector and sanitizes everything the U-V light touches.

“We are personally happy and proud of what we are doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” Mwizerwa added.

It’s an essential role in the battle of COVID-19.

Hospital Cleaner Cleaning a COVID-19 Room Courtesy: U of U Health