LEHI, Utah (ABC4 News) – The 2019-2020 school year is coming to an end although students haven’t been in a physical classroom since the middle of March. Graduating seniors were given the harsh dose of reality along with the coronavirus pandemic that traditional graduates more than likely won’t happen due to social distancing guidelines and state health official recommendations.

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Many schools were left to try and figure out a way to honor graduates in a safe but unique way. The outbreak also challenged parents of high school seniors to look at creative measures in hopes to put a smile on their high school graduate’s face.

One of many ways parents are celebrating their senior is with yard signs in front of their home. It’s a gesture that is simple and cost-effective and shows off how proud families are of a graduate. But, are these awesome signs that more than likely took some time to put together making those homes a target? Several Utah County communities have reported having their celebration yard signs stolen out of their front yard. Another concern for those whose neighborhood has a home owner’s association: does having a yard sign planted in the front of their residence violate any HOA policies?

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One parent we spoke to said, “kids aren’t really being recognized, so we decided to put up a yard sign to for our son to get some recognition.”

Lisa Musser of American Fork has a son graduating from American Fork High School this year. She told ABC4.com when he found out they weren’t going to have traditional graduations this year,”at first he was upset but now seems to be dealing with OK now.”

Courtesy Lisa Musser

Fortunately for Lisa and her family, the yard sign is still in tact. Musser also says their home isn’t in an HOA.

But what does having a yard sign mean for individuals that are apart of a home owner’s association? “It depends on the HOA some it would some it wouldn’t. All HOAs have their own bylaws and rules. It’s best to check the bylaws of the HOA” said one home owner association board member.

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It’s assumed most homes with a front yard sign probably won’t have the signage up for a significant amount of time. Brandon Merrill who is on an HOA board with about 15 units told ABC4.com, “Honestly, depending how long they keep it up it likely wouldn’t because they usually warn you if you are violating a rule then you would just comply after the warning.”

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If you have or still intend on placing any yard sign in front of your home, you should definitely refer to any agreements or rules with your landlord or HOA management organization before doing so.

As for Lisa Musser, although her son Patrick won’t get a normal graduation commencement she said “I’m very pleased with how fast Alpine School District shut down the schools, I think they did they amazing with she short notice they had in efforts to keep our kids safe from the virus.”

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