SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News)- During the two weeks that Utah schools will be closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, teachers will not be able to supervise children whose parents are unable to be home with them.

The clarification comes from the state after Governor Gary Herbert reportedly stated Friday that parents have the option to bring their children to school to be supervised.

“This is not the case. School campuses will remain open for the next two weeks so students can retrieve personal items or pick up assignments from their instructors,” a State issued press release said Saturday.

During the two week closure, some instructors may be available for a brief one-on-one tutoring or to help answer questions, the release stated.

“It is important to note that schools will not provide childcare of any kind,” the State said.

During the closure students will be able to grab meals, however.

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Most schools will implement a grab-and-go lunch or breakfast program, but it will vary by school.

Check with your child’s district for details on the specific services during the dismissal.

The “soft closure” starts Monday, March 16. The dismissal is designed to help implement social distancing and slow the spread of coronavirus in Utah.

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