SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – When it comes to the coronavirus outbreak, Utah is seeing numbers that it hasn’t seen since the pandemic began. It raises the question, how serious are Utahns taking the coronavirus?

ABC4 talked to parkgoers at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City on Thursday. Here’s what some of them had to say.

“I would say yes and no,” said Monica Cook.

“I think about half are and half are not,” said Dick Sullivan.

“I think 50% are,” said Maria Flores.

“I don’t think they’re taking it as serious as they should be,” said Maci Thom.

Since the onset of the pandemic, Utah was never placed under mandatory stay at home orders. Instead, residents were placed under a “stay home, stay safe” directive.

On Saturday, Utah hit its second biggest increase since the start of the outbreak with 546 cases.

With the steady uptick, ABC4 asked the governor for his take on whether wearing a mask should be mandatory.

“I’m reluctant in fact to say it’s the law you have to wear a mask,” said Governor Gary Herbert. “I think that’s a little bit hard to enforce number one, and hard to get people to comply with.”

Considering the uptick, would Utah consider another shutdown?

Last month, ABC4 asked Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox, the state’s Coronavirus Task Force Chief, for his take during our Coronavirus Town Hall.

“No and we won’t need to do that, and here’s why,” said Cox. “As Utahns have sacrificed over the past six weeks, what we have done is we’ve been able to build up testing capacities and tracing capacities.”

We want to know what you think. Do you think Utahns are taking the coronavirus seriously, and should wearing a mask be mandatory?

ABC4 has set up an unofficial poll for you to weigh in.

Nicole Neuman
Nicole Neuman comes to ABC4 Utah from Nexstar sister station WNCT in Greenville, N.C. where she worked as a reporter and fill-in anchor. During her time at WNCT, Nicole reported on several impactful stories.