Cardiologist, neurologist, general surgeons and emergency room physicians are concerned with the reduced volume of patients right now than what they usually see. The question is if the same number of emergency cases are happening or if patients are afraid to visit the emergency room due to risks associated with COVID-19 or to avoid being a burden on the system.

Dr. Jeremy Voros, ER Physician at St. Mark’s Hospital – Mountainstar Healthcare, is ensuring that precautions are being put in place to keep patients safe who visit the ER.

All patients are segregated according to symptoms that suggest a COVID-19 infection, whom are then sent to a designated treatment space.

Currently, in certain circumstances, one or no visitors will be allowed to accompany patients. Masks are suggested when visiting any public event, including the hospital, but should not be an obstacle to receiving medical care. Hospitals are working hard to protect patients and doctors.

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