SANDY, Utah (ABC4) – On Monday, those 16 and up with certain underlying health conditions in Salt Lake County can register for a COVID-19 vaccine appointment.

This comes after, over the weekend, thousands erroneously scheduled an appointment due to a glitch on the state’s website.

According to the state health department, 7,200 Utahans, a couple thousand of which live in Salt Lake County, secured appointments without meeting the health criteria.

“They were in good faith filling out the vaccine registration form and the system was still allowing them to sign up for an appointment,” Salt Lake County Public Information Officer Gabriel Moreno says.

The problem has been fixed.

The Utah Department of Health released a statement reading in part:

“We apologize for this error and for any confusion it has caused. We appreciate the enthusiasm Utah residents have exhibited for the COVID-19 vaccine, and we strongly encourage all Utahns to get vaccinated once they become eligible.”

“We ask those folks that they please cancel those appointments so people who truly need them and who have qualifying medical conditions can sign up for those appointments,” Moreno says.

The Salt Lake County Health Department says it is glad the glitch is fixed and applauds residents for wanting to get the vaccine.

“It gives us a sign of hope that we are going to be able to put this behind us,” Moreno explains.

State and county requirements and health criteria are always changing. Be sure to stay up to date on which age groups can get the vaccine.