After 1 death in 8 months, Summit Co. marks 3 Coronavirus deaths in one week

Coronavirus Updates

SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah (ABC 4 News) – The surge of COVID-19 cases statewide — with 17 deaths reported on Friday — is proof that Coronavirus is touching every corner of the state.

But in Summit County, for the first eight months of the pandemic, just one person had died from Coronavirus. Until this last week, when the Utah Dept. of Health reported three residents in the county had died from COVID-19.

“We’re saddened by that. It’s a cause for alarm whenever there’s a loss of human life,” said Derek Siddoway, Summit County Communication & Public Engagement Director.

“But when you look at the numbers, we’ve been fortunate to have not have had as many deaths as maybe some other areas that have had similar growth and having the virus spread as much as we have here,” said Siddoway.

Still, with Thanksgiving coming up, Siddoway said the deaths are a reminder of what’s at stake as people will likely gather together in close proximity.

“These are some of the potential consequences if I pass this along to a family member or friend. The numbers really can increase exponentially from there from just one of those contacts. You can go from one person who is exposed. All of a sudden they’ve exposed 10 people, and the numbers just kind of snowball from there,” said Siddoway.

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