70% reached: Utahns with the highest, lowest COVID-19 vaccination rates

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(ABC4) – It is a milestone we have heard about since President Joe Biden took office – having 70% of adults in America having received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. He originally set the goal for July 4 but it was not hit until early August.

Utah did not meet the July 4 vaccination goal. On July 5, the Utah Health Department confirmed Utah had fallen short by about 8%. The next day, Governor Spencer Cox’s office changed course, saying that after federal doses had been counted, Utah had reached the July 4 goal with 70.2% of those 18-years-old and older receiving at least one shot. Nearly a week later, state officials walked the data back, saying an error had been found and Utah had fallen short by about 3%.

As of September 6, 70.4% of Utahns ages 12-years-old and older have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, according to data from UDOH. Among the same age group, 61.4% are fully vaccinated.

Here is a look at the most and least vaccinated Utahns based on location, age, and race and ethnicity.

Location, based on local health department

According to UDOH, Summit County has the highest percentage of vaccinated residents. A total of 34,219 people in Summit County have received at least one vaccine dose, with just over 30,000 fully vaccinated. Over 81% of Summit County residents have received one dose and 71.4% are listed as fully vaccinated.

Runner-up was Salt Lake County, reporting 62.1% as receiving at least one dose and 55.2% as being fully vaccinated.

Utah vaccination rate as of Monday, Sept. 6, 2021 (UDOH)

The counties within the TriCounty Health Department – Uintah, Daggett, and Duchesne – have the lowest vaccination rate. As of Labor Day, about 19,500 residents have received one dose, equating to about 34.5%. Over 16,100 have been fully vaccinated, a rate of 28.5%.

The Central Utah Health Department, covering Wayne, Piute, Sevier, Sanpete, Juab, and Millard counties, has the second-lowest vaccination rate. In total, this health department is reporting 38% of residents have received one dose while 32.1% are fully vaccinated.


The age group making up the second-lowest percentage of the eligible population, 70 to 79-years-old, has the highest vaccination rate. According to UDOH, Utahns in this age range make up 6.2% of the state’s eligible population to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Nearly 95% of these Utahns have received at least one dose and 86.5% are fully vaccinated.

Utahns 80-years-old and older make up about 3% of the state’s eligible population. UDOH reports 89.7% of this age group has received one dose while 81.4% are fully vaccinated.

The youngest Utahns eligible for the vaccine, 12 to 18-years-old, make up 14.2% of the eligible population and have the lowest vaccination rate. According to UDOH, 54.3% have received at least one dose and 42.6% are fully vaccinated.

Utahns who have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by age as of Sept. 6, 2021. (UDOH)

The next oldest age group, 19 to 29-years-old, is 60.9% partially vaccinated and 51.3% fully vaccinated.

Race and ethnicity

Utahns identifying as white have the highest vaccination rate, with 63.9% having received at least one dose, according to UDOH. Just over 56% are fully vaccinated.

Hispanic or Latino Utahns have the second-highest rate, with 54.4% receiving at least one dose and 46.5% considered fully vaccinated.

Utahns identifying as American Indian or Alaska Native have the lowest vaccination rate with 35% receiving at least one dose and 31% being fully vaccinated. According to UDOH, Utahns identifying as Black or African American have the second-lowest rate with 38.6% with one dose and 32.5% fully vaccinated.

This data comes just a few weeks after the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine received full FDA approval. For more information on the COVID-19 vaccine, click here. For information on where to get the COVID-19 vaccine, who can get vaccinated, and for frequently asked questions, visit the Utah Department of Health’s website.

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