$69.99 and a drop of blood: Company debuts rapid COVID-19 antibody testing to public

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UPDATE 6/17/2020: The FDA has revoked its authorization of this antibody test due to concerns with the accuracy of the test. The company, Rapid Screen Solutions, will no longer administer the tests.

DRAPER (ABC4 News) –  A new private screening program that allows anyone willing to pay to get a COVID-19 antibody test debuted Wednesday morning in Draper.

Dozens of people showed up in their vehicles to the RapidScreen Solutions testing site at Galena Hills Park. Each of them had pre-registered and paid $69.99 to get answers from a single drop of their blood.

Draper Mayor Troy Walker provided details of the testing. 

“In addition to this lateral-flow, finger prick blood test, if you test positive for the antibodies we’re going to give you a Spectrum Solutions saliva DNA test that will one, tell you if you’re positive for COVID-19,” Mayor Walker said. “Then five percent of everyone tested is going to get a saliva blood test to give better data and check against false positives, et cetera… I think it’s going to be valuable data to show that attack rate and give people the ability to see what COVID is doing around the south end of the Valley.”

Draper resident Dee Evans was there to get his young son tested.

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“End of January before this all picked up, both my boys got really sick,” Evans explained. “They could barely breathe. They slept on the front porch in the middle of January because the cold air was all that helped. We took them to the doctor, negative for flu. They did breathing treatments. So once this all started kicking up, they might have had it so just wanted to get the antibody test and see. Kind of solve that mystery.”

ABC4 News asked Evans what result he was hoping for.

“I think it would be validating to hear that they had it because they had all the symptoms,” Evans replied. “But if not, I don’t know. It’s not proven that you’re immune right? But it would be nice to know.”

About 10 minutes later, his son’s test came back negative, a result that still has the family wondering what the boys had. His wife called it “perplexing.”

RapidScreen Solutions has more antibody testing sessions scheduled for the following areas and dates:

· Thursday, May 21 – Riverton
· Tuesday, May 26 – Draper
· Thursday, May 28 – Bluffdale
· Friday, May 29 – Vineyard

To schedule a test, go to https://rapidscreen.as.me/

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