LAS VEGAS (ABC4) — From festive parties to confetti, there are midnight kisses, cheers, and celebratory toasts! New Year’s Eve is almost here, so how will you Auld Lang Syne? The only place to be is on Utah’s CW30, Las Vegas Countdown to 2023, and Good Things Utah host Nicea DeGering joined the hosts of the three-plus hour live special: comedian and actor Michael Yo and renowned TV personality Nikki Novak from Palms Casino Resort.

Nicea: Hi, you two! This party is at Palms. There’s a VIP list. There are incredible performances, Grammy greats. Who can we expect to be part of that night?

Michael: Well let me tell you it’s going to be Belinda Carlisle — “Heaven is a Place on Earth,” and it’s definitely going to be a place at the Palms, you know what I mean?

Nikki: It is! only when you’re there Michael!

Michael: That’s right! Also, Casey Donahew and Yachtley Crew! Yachtley Crew is gonna be here!

Nikki: Get your sailor hat ready!

Michael: I love me some Yacht Rock and they will be here. I’ll be wearing a sailor suit and a sailor hat throwing it down!

Nikki: Michael can’t wait to put on his tight white pants!

Nicea: You two are already dressed to the nines and it’s not even New Year’s Eve yet! It’s your second year hosting this Las Vegas countdown. It’s the only show to ring in the New Year in every time zone. Nikki, how does that work?

Nikki: Yes! Okay, so we’re gonna start, of course, we’re going to start in New York City with the ball drop in Times Square. We’re going to count down the New Year, watch the fireworks show there, but we’re going to work our way across the country every hour. We’re going to count down four time zones, and we’re gonna end things big in Vegas. If you’ve ever seen the fireworks show in Vegas, it is unbelievable! They shoot fireworks off of all the casinos. It is spectacular, but guess what — you guys don’t even have to come here. You can watch from your couch, be part of the par-tay!

Nicea: Why the Palms? Why is it so cool, if our viewers have not been, and how do you keep that energy going? I know you got the Vegas energy, but how do you keep it going for three hours, you two?

Michael: Well, I mean this hotel is set up for success. I mean, we’re going to have a dance party on the inside with a big famous DJ.

Nikki: Dave Aude is going to be DJing for us.

Michael: We’re going to have people in the pool and the little acrobats going on in the pool

Nikki: That’s you!

Michael: Oh, that’s me? Am I doing– I’ll be in the pool, you know, letting the water splash all over my body… Anyway, no, but it’s going to be a fun time we love the Palms it’s the best hotel out here and you have the best view of the fireworks out of any hotel in Las Vegas.

Nikki: And I’m with the best comedian in the country so that’s how you keep the energy going.

Nicea: I agree! Michael is so funny. I love him. You two, though, you’re showing off quite a bit for those of us in the snow here in Salt Lake City. It’s fun to see you at the pool. We hear the dancing — do you have dance moves? Do you two dance?

Nikki: Oh, oh you don’t have to ask Michael twice.

Michael: So, I do this. I do this dance to open the show with dancers all around me. It’s by Mikey Minden — he did the Pussycat Dolls, he did the Oscars, he did the Emmys And we do a little cuff over here, you know, we do a little bit of that right now.

Nikki: he taught Michael how to dance.

Michael: He taught me how to dance, and here’s the thing — all your viewers watching right now, they can go to your station’s website, check out the dance, send us the video. Hashtag it #newyearseve, hashtag it #Vegas NYE, send it to us, and we’ll put you in the program. And you too! We’re looking at you! I want to see your dance, too, come on now.

Nicea: I love it! Michael, you’re like — I don’t dance , I couldn’t, and then you hopped right up and started. I think you were ready for that question, my friend.

Nikki: He’s the best.

Michael: Oh, you know, you know I’m ready today. Look, I’m up again

Nicea: It’s just that kind of show! It’s just that kind of night! Okay, so viewers can all be part of this. They could be part of the New Year’s Eve extravaganza.

Michael: That’s right!

Nicea: How can they watch and maybe share your favorite part of the night?

Nikki: Well, all you have to do is watch the station that you are watching now. Three-plus hours! We’re gonna be live. Anything can happen. There’s gonna be a lot more dancing, a lot of surprise performers we haven’t even announced yet. Comedians. We’ve got so much going on, and Michael will be in the pool.

Michael: And, and Nikki could get engaged and married on the show.

Nikki: There’s a tease. It involves Elvis.

See the entire program live Saturday night, Dec. 31 on Utah’s CW30 starting at 10 p.m. MT.