SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – A survivor of domestic violence and an expectant mother-to-be was gifted a “tiny home” in hopes to promote stability and security as she welcomes a set of twins this year.

According to Nomad Alliance, a support and advocacy group for the unsheltered, a woman was gifted a home to better support her new family and support her as she transitions into safer living conditions.

“A lot of the people out here aren’t bad people, or lazy or losers, they have just lost hope and don’t have an idea how to fix it…It really just takes one person to open their hearts and show they care, and a lot of time just doing that is enough to motivate them to change,” the mother tells ABC4.

Nomad Alliance, in partnership with First Step Shelters, says they are still working to secure land for a tiny home village as they hope to switch out all the “flimsy and unsecured tents” with in the community.