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The age-old debate: Deciding where to eat, made easy through new app


PROVO, Utah (ABC4) – Where to eat, what movie to watch, or what to do are all decisions we have wasted time trying to come to a conclusion.

Admit it, we’ve all been there.  

Alma Ohene-Opare

A new app, UnstuQ, wants to solve this age-old struggle through its immersive app. 

Alma Ohene-Opare CEO, UnstuQ Inc. tells ABC4 he moved to the United States to serve a mission for his church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

After his mission, he went home for a few weeks, then decided to move back and attend Brigham Young University in Provo. 

He says he has now lived in the United States as long as he lived in his home county, Ghana. He came to the U.S. because he believed “America was the place I could achieve my dreams.” He says “he has not been disappointed.” 

“I am extremely grateful for the opportunity this country has given me to create a solution that makes people’s lives better,” Ohene-Opare shares. “That is the promise of America and I am glad that promise has been made available to me.”

Ohene-Opare says he has a technology background. He even worked for Microsoft for several years. 

“I have always wanted to build something,” Ohene-Opare tells ABC4. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit in 2020, Ohene-Opare says he was “looking for a way to solve problems with technology.” 

Ohene-Opare and his younger brother had the idea one day to help people make decisions easier. 

Whether groups are stuck trying to decide on a place to eat, which activities they’ll do next, or what movie they’ll watch, UnstuQ makes it easier, faster, and much more stress-free.

He says the idea stemmed from the idea of partners trying to decide where to eat. From there, they thought, if it happens when trying to decide where to eat, it must happen when trying to make other decisions too. “This goes beyond just picking a place to eat,” Ohene-Opare shares.

“We call the app the first social decision-making app,” Ohene-Opare adds. UnstuQ’s slogan is “Decision made social.” 

UnstuQ’s first version of the app launched on October 26, 2020, amid the quickly changing pandemic. 

Ohene-Opare wanted to include community businesses that were struggling due to the effects of the pandemic. “I realized there was some kind of synergy to what we were doing,” he adds. “Connecting people to businesses.” 

He says a large amount of focus for the app was to help families, friends, and co-workers reconnect with local restaurants and small businesses that have been negatively impacted by the pandemic.

When the app is looking for places for you to visit, it includes small and locally owned businesses, businesses you might not have known exist. The app works to “connect users to business they might not have even known about in their area.” 

“I saw this as an opportunity to connect people or users with their community. Connect those users to businesses that sustain their community,” Ohene-Opare says. “That’s basically what we have done.”

UnstuQ can be used anywhere in the world. Since its first launch, it has gone viral on Instagram and TikTok gaining around 60 thousand users in 30 days, Ohene-Opare shares with ABC4. 

This confirmed to them it was a “solution worth building,” he adds. 

As people being to plan their summers and he the app has launched a new feature called “experiences.” 

Ohene-Opare says the new feature will “revolutionize the way people plan.” 

“Experiences” will allow users to select a location or where they plan to go and the app will help you plan your day. Users can go into the app, put in their desired destination, and click continue. The app will then create three itineraries for you then you can choose what you want to do from there. 

The feature has already launched on Andriod and will launch on iPhone this upcoming Monday, Ohene-Opare shares. 

The UnstuQ app is available worldwide and can be downloaded now for free. More information can be found at unstuq.com. 

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