Salt Lake City, Utah (Good Things Utah) — Katy was able to take us on an adventure downtown today to visit Casot a Salt Lake City Wine and cocktail bar and workspace located at 15th & 15th.

The translation of Casot is shed or hut. This makes perfect sense when you look at the idea that the word comes from the Piedmont region of Italy and does not exist anywhere else in the world. As explained on the website of this quaint Wine and Cocktail bar – Casot: A tiny stone house in the middle of the Italian vineyards that watched over the work and provided drinks and food for the workers.

Founded by Scott Evans who is the President of Pago Restaurant Group which includes Pago, Finca, east Liberty Tap House, Hub and Spoke Diner and Trestle Tavern. It also makes sense that Casot is a location dedicated to work and a place to rest from the day.

Learn more about the drink options and hours available by visiting their website and make sure you tune in to Taste Utah on ABC4 Utah every Sunday at 9:30 AM!

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