The ‘fire is alive’ at Oak Wood Fire Kitchen in Draper

Taste Utah

DRAPER (News4Utah)-At Oak Wood Fire Kitchen in Draper everything is handmade with locally sourced ingredients.

Katy and Jami joined Restaurateur of the Year Michael McHenry and National Award Winning Chef Brandon Price for a closer look at the menu.

Chef Brandon Price showed Katy and Jami the process it takes to make their delicious brick chicken and shared the secret behind making perfect sourdough bread.

“Our fire is alive. You can not just turn it up with twist of a dial, you must feed it and be in tune with it,” their website states. “When you respect it, the smoke and embers achieve profound texture and flavor. The smoky aroma permeates through our rustic craft and soul.”

McHenry says at Oak they really focus on the seasonality of their menu.

“We’re really proud to highlight the great local crafters, artisans, farmers within our neighborhood,” he said.

Stop by at 715 East and 12300 South any day from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Visit for a look at their menu.

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