The “cafe” side of Delice Bakery & Cafe

Taste Utah

Yesterday chef JJ, Jean-Jacques Grossi at Delice Bakery & Cafe, started to help us explor the sweet and savory dishes of the South of France.  

A beautiful raspberry tart was one sweet treat Chej Grossi walked us through, but today was more about the café side. It’s café food; not restaurant food.

Delice has cappuccino, regular coffee—Colombian coffee, salad niçoise.

Salad niçoise, the southern French dish, has tune hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, green beans, and a little olive niçoise. It’s got artichoke; it’s got red onion.

The croque monsieur is another choice. A high end, like grilled cheese sandwich with ham and cheese inside, with a bechamel sauce then gruyere cheese shredded, grated, and put in the oven.

The rustic Panini has salami, ham, red roasted sweet peppers and spinach

Delice makes everything is made in house and open all day

You can go for pastry and bakery items but also for a salad or a for a sandwich.

Taste Utah is on Sunday’s on 9:30AM.

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