MURRAY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Being insured throughout every stage of life is not just important, it’s personal. Life events such as getting married, having a baby, starting, or leaving a job, or aging off your parents’ insurance are significant milestones that require the right health coverage.

“When looking for a health plan, it’s important to think about the future, so you can guarantee that you are covered during every life event,” said Lindsay Shawcroft, individual sales account manager at Select Health. “People who are insured get needed care at an earlier stage, they seek preventive services, and they encourage healthier habits in their own homes and communities.”

During the fall open enrollment period, individuals and families typically prepare to renew or choose a health plan. However, significant life events can create a special enrollment period, allowing you to purchase individual and family health insurance outside of the standard enrollment period.

Being prepared and understanding your options is key to getting the best plan for your specific needs. Situations that could qualify you for a SEP include:

• Loss of Health Insurance:

– Losing employer-sponsored coverage or coverage through a parent’s job.

– If you lost your job and your income dropped below a certain level, you and your family may qualify for Medicaid or COBRA. Medicaid provides coverage based on income, and COBRA allows continued employer-sponsored coverage for a specified time-period, with the full premium amount paid by you.

• Change in Residence:

– Moving home as a student.

– Moving to a different state, where understanding the health insurance options and eligibility criteria is crucial. Researching health plan options and guidelines in the new state helps determine coverage eligibility and the best plan for you and your family. Some insurers, like Select Health, offer out-of-state plans.

Change to Household:

– Getting married, divorced, having a baby, or legally separating from a partner may qualify you for a special enrollment period.

• Having a Baby:

– When planning to have a baby, adequate health insurance coverage is crucial. Prenatal care, childbirth, and postnatal care involve significant medical expenses. Health insurance alleviates the financial burden, ensuring necessary healthcare without stress.

Prenatal Care: Regular check-ups, screenings, and tests during pregnancy are covered by health insurance. Monitoring the health and development of both the mother and baby is essential, identifying potential complications early for appropriate medical intervention.

Labor and Delivery: Health insurance covers the costs associated with labor and delivery, including hospital charges, healthcare provider fees, and necessary medical interventions or procedures.

Postnatal Care: Follow-up visits, screenings, vaccinations for the baby, and postpartum care for the mother are covered by health insurance.

– Newborn Coverage: Health insurance allows adding the newborn to the plan, ensuring immediate healthcare coverage for the baby, including check-ups, vaccinations, and necessary treatments.

In addition to supporting specific life events like having a baby, health insurance contributes to overall wellness:

• Access to Preventive Care: Health insurance covers preventive services like vaccinations, screenings, and regular check-ups.

• Timely Medical Attention: Having insurance allows prompt access to medical attention, whether for routine check-ups, illness treatment, or managing chronic conditions.

• Prescription Medications: Health insurance often includes coverage for prescription medications, crucial for managing chronic conditions and acute illnesses.

• Financial Protection: Health insurance protects from high medical costs, reducing the financial stress associated with healthcare.

• Mental Health Support: Many health insurance plans offer coverage for mental health services like counseling, therapy, and treatment.

Access to health insurance can help you proactively manage your health, address medical concerns promptly, and have peace of mind knowing you’re financially protected.

It’s good practice to routinely review your health insurance policy, understand the coverage details, and take advantage of preventive care and services available to you, said Shawcroft.

“Finding the right health insurance plan shouldn’t be difficult or intimidating,” said Shawcroft. “Select Health is here to help you find the right plan for your specific needs. Understanding your options, reviewing your health insurance policy, and exploring available resources allow you to navigate life’s milestones with confidence. When it’s time to make a choice, consider a health plan that will help you live the healthiest life possible.”

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