Six thousand dollars anonymously gifted to Summit County Sheriff’s office


SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – When Summit County Sheriff officers clocked in for their Friday shift, their weekend got a whole lot sweeter – six thousand dollars sweeter to be exact.

A cardboard box filled with multiple envelopes was discovered in Summit County Sheriff’s front office, Friday morning.

According to officials, each envelope encompassed funds, all adding up to 6,000 dollars.

“Enclosed is a small token of our appreciation. We simply wanted you to know that we appreciate the hard work and dedication… You are deeply appreciated…” A letter accompanying the mysterious package reads.

According to the Sheriff’s Facebook post, it is planned to distribute the gift to all Sheriff’s Office employees.

“It never ceases to amaze me how blessed we are to work in such a generous community,” Sheriff Justin Martinez shares.

Martinez then directing his appreciation towards his team, adds, “I would also be remiss if I didn’t express my personal gratitude to each of you for your integrity, professionalism, and dedication to serving this community with compassion and empathy. There is no doubt this donation is a direct reflection of those principles, regardless of your position at the Sheriff’s Office. You have represented yourself and this office very well and have made me proud.”

Summit County Officials intend on distributing the envelopes later next week, they tell ABC4.

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