March is International Women’s Month, an opportunity to acknowledge the great contributions that women have made to our nation and local communities. “Remarkable Women” is a nationwide Nexstar initiative to honor the influence that women have had on public policy, social progress, and the quality of life. 

ABC4 Utah and Good Things Utah want to recognize, Keicha Christiansen, the third of four Remarkable Women to be celebrated in March.

Keicha Christiansen’s life was changed forever when she learned her beloved younger sister died by suicide. She longed for support and found it at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention– people who know the kind of pain from losing someone to suicide.

Following innumerable hours of work and over a decade of dedication, Keicha now serves as the Executive Director of Family Counseling Service of Northern Utah, a nonprofit mental health agency. But despite her hard work, tragedy arrived on her doorstep once again. As fate would have it, Keicha’s personal life was devastated by mental illness again. Her only daughter had a mental breakdown.

Her daughter had to withdrawal from college following the breakdown, and Keicha put her skills to work helping her daughter. She is a person who shows up for people no matter how challenging the situation. Now they travel this difficult path together, as mother, daughter, and friends.

Keicha says that listening is the key to helping someone through their struggles. And to forgive herself for not being responsible for other people’s choices. A lesson that takes a long time to learn. As for being remarkable? Keicha says you never know what reaching out could mean to someone.

None of us ever know what kind of encounter could save a life.

Thank you, Keicha Christiansen, for being one of our Remarkable Women nominees.